31. January 2016 Truth 4

FYI… I’m THAT person that keeps asking people what their New Year resolutions are. I know I know its pretty cliché, but it’s kinda refreshing talking about New Year resolutions or goals whatever you like to call them, well I think so anyway. It’s also probably a little personal, I realised this whilst in the car with my brother and his wife a couple weeks ago when I decided to start quizzing them about their new year resolutions and they responded with what I considered to be “on the surface stuff” and so I kept probing trying to get to the deep and juicy stuff, which probably is none of my business but if you know me, I like to go there and very little on this earth is “none of my business”. But why do you care Mati you ask??  Well, like it said, very little on this earth is none of my business, but in this case it may have something to do with the fact when it comes to my own resolutions for 2016… I’m drawing blanks.

You know when you’re sitting watching homeland and then magesti goes. Or when you’re in the middle of watching a movie on a flight and they turn off the in-flight entertainment. Blank screen. Nothing…that’s what’s happening. Initially I was worried about it, but I realised it’s because I don’t worry about the future anymore, I know God has my back. So, I’ll take it as it comes. So there you go, no list of resolutions. BUT. One thing I will put out there, I’m just going to choose to be happy in everything I do and you can certainly hold me accountable to that.

One more thing. I’m going to be pushing my creative boundaries, exploring different styling techniques. For example, at the moment I’m very much exploring oversize everything at the moment, menswear pieces like this black Long Tee, naturally I’d opt for some sneakers this time i’ve paired it with some cute sandals for a more feminine look, as for Tapi he’s keeping it street. Get yours here and create your own look.

4 thoughts on “2016”

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    lentendre on February 9, 2016 Reply

    I can’t believe January is already Gone, but yes 10.5 months to go. Interesting that you are also Blank , it certainly is the year of going with the flow.

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    Mati on February 7, 2016 Reply

    Haha , I used to be a serial planner as well. But it seems a few of us are drawing blanks. Perhaps this year is just about being happy with where you are and just living in the moment … Hmm smells like a new blog post.
    Thank you love!! Can you believe long Tee’s are sold out!!

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    Walter Mangezi on February 7, 2016 Reply

    Yes. Like you I am inspired by others new year resolutions. I try to have at least one in each of these categories: home, work and social (financial and rest). This year is different. Difficult to come up with any this year. Eleven months to go. Love the style. Bapa.

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    Whitney on February 2, 2016 Reply

    I love this! I’m such a planner, my life revolves around the lists I make for EVERYTHING. I’m also drawing blanks this year and it’s driving me crazy. But I will TRY to take it as it comes too.x

    P.s: I love the long tee, It’s soooo me.

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