A Trip Down Memory Lane

15. September 2015 Style 13

It’s hard to believe it’s been just over a year since we began this journey. As cliché as it may sound, it feels like it’s been so much longer. The other day I was reading some of my earlier blog posts, something I had been meaning to do for a while but kept procrastinating, probably because I didn’t want to revisit all the emotions that came with that time. I also knew I’d be cringing at how much of the ‘vulnerable side of Mati’ I have exposed over the past year. A side that most people didn’t even know existed. No regrets here though, I feel more alive than I ever have. Although I went through some real lows, the highs have been so much more. I feel like I stopped just existing and actually started living. It’s no surprise I find myself feeling some kinda way when people introduce me as a “fashion blogger” or say stuff like “so do you just blog for a living?”. No shade towards Fashion Bloggers but it’s a little bit more than that for me. Lentendre.com is my story. It’s Me. Not something my parents told me to do or something I did because ‘it’s the right thing to do’. It’s my raw truth. It’s our love story and of course it’s also about my style.

The one thing I enjoyed whilst going down memory lane is looking at how my style has remained quite undefined. It’s literally about how I feel on the day. Generally, I wear what makes me feel comfortable and feminine which is why I’m always going on about basics. At the moment I’m loving oversized white shirts (e.g. Tapi’s shirts). This is what I call a basic basic. It stays the same but with each season we find new ways to wear it. I’ve paired it with this stone wash denim skirt. This skirt takes me back to Christmas enroute kumusha. Cherry Plum and MaChompkins, everyone in their new Christmas outfit from Edgars. Me in my stone wash jean skirt and my brothers in their stone wash jeans, Dad blasting Zhakata through the speakers…Sigh. Those blush coloured heels are from Tony Bianco, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them now that the sun is out. You’ll also be seeing some sampling coming in for our pop up boutique which we’re in the process of setting up. (Yes you heard me!) That stone wash denim skirt is a little piece of what you’ll find in our boutique, it’s so me but I’m keen to hear your thoughts on it.

It’s time for the next chapter. I hope you’ll join me on this new journey. 

13 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane”

  • 1
    Chica Rodrigues on September 17, 2015 Reply

    Love the the stone wash jeans lol as i right i am wearing mine at the moment with a tribal oversize jumper and over size scarf ! Sadly its winter our end😔. I thought i was the only child to wear them lol with tennis shoes and high side pony tail and minie the mouse tshirt. Love your blog ! I look forward to reading it every week!

    • 2
      L'entendre on September 17, 2015 Reply

      Thank you Chica! That’s so encouraging! You have been a great support for me on this journey. Oversize is the future tho! comfort comfort comfort!

  • 3
    Anonymous on September 16, 2015 Reply

    Hi. You always have style. Creativity/innovation are some adjectives to use to describe your style. Yes! You are an artist and your wares are clothes which you put together brilliantly. Good to hear you are taking this to another level. Thank you for being you and sharing. We are fast approaching 10,000 hours when ‘specialist ‘ becomes your middle name. We will continue the walk with you which we have enjoyed to date and can only wait like Oliver Twist. Congratulations thus far. Have a blessed week. Baba.

    • 4
      Anonymous on September 16, 2015 Reply

      Bapa. Oops! Tapi is my Baba. A typo culturally would result a beast or two being the penalty.

    • 5
      L'entendre on September 17, 2015 Reply

      You know what, i’m going to use that … I’d describe my style as ‘ Creativity and innovation’. Thank you for challenging me to take it to the next level!

  • 6
    d pantoja on September 15, 2015 Reply

    boutique?! i feel like there’s a whole lot of stuff that we need catching up on!!!
    so exciting though… i love new beginnings!!!!! can’t wait to see you again! xx

    • 7
      L'entendre on September 16, 2015 Reply

      I know right!! You’re not too much out of the loop it’s just all happening quickly !! We need a catch up ! Thank you lovely! Can’t to see youuuu!!

  • 8
    Dee on September 15, 2015 Reply

    that skirt, cnt stop thinking about it.. Love love love… Thanks for taking us down memory lane… Love me some cherry plum lol

    • 9
      L'entendre on September 16, 2015 Reply

      Haha thanks Dee! I know cherry plum is the only way! Salivating at the thought of the purple goodness!!

  • 10
    Heather on September 15, 2015 Reply

    Really excited about the pop up shops coming up. Hope you’ll have my size too 😉

    • 11
      L'entendre on September 15, 2015 Reply

      Mee toooo!! dont worry I GAT YOU!!!

  • 12
    Natasha on September 15, 2015 Reply

    I definitely agree your style is undefined and just when I think “yes she’s into bold colors/dramatic look” you pull a fast one, like this look, laid back and far from what I had concluded, but I like that it’s unpredictable , the element of surprise and the “I would definitely never have thought of this but it tots works” reaction you manage to wangle out of me.
    It has definitely been such fun for me as a reader of your blog watching the story unfold. I can’t wait for the new chapter.

    • 13
      L'entendre on September 15, 2015 Reply

      To be honest i think i was trying to butter it up when i said “undefined” .. to put it simply, my style is RANDOM. it used to annoy me because people love to ask me “so how would you describe your style” or “who is your style icon” I have no straight answer for that. It’s literally how i feel when i wake up in the morning. That’s what i love about fashion. It’s expression. It’s re-inventing yourself, it’s art. For me it’s like what do i want to create today… not sure if that all makes sense, might be work a blog post actually!

      Thank you for following my journey! So exited to see where your path leads you Natasha! x

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