There’s something so exhilarating about being busy with your own work! I used to roll my eyes at people who would say “there are not enough hours in the day”…then again i was in a different place in those days ( behind a desk for 8 hours watching the clock and wondering what i was doing here) kinda place. Anyway! Moving on. Shoot day was finally here after weeks of planning. The morning began with me going through a checklist in my head . Models check.  Photographer and Videographer check. Make-up artists check. Venue, check. Clothes and clothes racks check. Accessories check. Enroute to the shoot Tapi must’ve sensed my anxiety levels creeping up, so he turned off the radio and began to intercede for clear skies and no rain for our photo-shoot and that there would be a sense of togetherness, creativity and most importantly. Fun!

We arrived to see Raff and Tanaka our make-up artist’s already setting up their beat stations. The venue, a glamorous boudoir studio space in Richmond. Just as we had imagined it. Achan (who believe it or not is new to the modelling industry) was already there thirty minutes early, bursting with excitement and ready to work the camera. Ryan had all his five camera lenses ready to go and Diane our secret weapon (graphic designer by day and photographer by night) was already scouting locations and needless to say, there was not a single cloud in sight (despite the weather report predicting rain showers all day). I let out a sigh of relief and it was showtime.

I’ll let our video speak for itself. Thank you to Thrd Eye who provided our menswear for the urban street look. Shout out to Tanaka and Raff who worked their magic in giving us those bright lips, bold eyes , flawless contouring and making sure the eyebrow game was on point (don’t mind me flexing my recently learnt make-up terminology) . Thank you to Wa-nyika Mshila who provided our Afro chic looks for the girls and to Joys from L’afriq hut who gave us all these gorgeous accessories to work with. Our team behind the lenses Ryan, Di and Tapi who were incredibly patient with me yelling direction to the girls and running into the shots to fix or add accessories. To the fierceness that is Jenny, Vicky and Achan and the swag that is Palmer and Gile. Thank you! Look out for Wa-nyika, Thrd eye and L’afriq Hut along with some of my other favourites  who will be showcasing more of their designs at FreekÁ Runway on the 13th of June this year. Get your tickets at

Freeka Runway, Freeka, Lentendre

Freeka, Freeka runway, Thrd Eye, Button Brothers, L'fri Hut

Freeka, Lentendre, Thrd Eye, Button Brothers, L'friq Hut

Freeka, Freekarunway, Lentendre

Freeka, Thrd Eye, L'friq Hut

Freeka, Thrd Eye, Freeka Runway, Button Brothers

Freeka, Tom Ford

Freeka, Lentendre

Freeka, Freeka Runway

Freeka, Freeka Runway, Lentendre, bgki

Freeka, Lentendre, Button Brothers

6 thoughts on “FreekÀ”

  • 1
    Anonymous on June 4, 2015 Reply

    This is professional work brilliantly done. keep up the good work. Great to see you come out of your comfort zone and excel. Well done!!! Bapa.

  • 2
    Dee on May 28, 2015 Reply

    LOVE IT!!! Love your passion for fashion ( ok omg how it rhymes ha ha) .. This is fab work Mati, the show will be amazing xo

  • 3
    Anonymous on May 24, 2015 Reply

    What amazingness. . I had to come up with my own word….. super excited… can the day just arrive please

    • 4
      L'entendre on May 24, 2015 Reply

      Ah! Amazingness! Love it! Thank you so much! I’m superrr excited tooo! Lol countdown begins! 3 weeks to go. 😁

  • 5

    This THRIVES! I’m beaming with pride.x

    • 6
      L'entendre on May 23, 2015 Reply

      Awww Thank you!! Wish you could fly here NOW!!!

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