Grown Woman

03. June 2015 Style 13

So you know how there’s that whole stigma around kurepeata ( the Zim way of saying repeating outfits) . The fear of being seen wearing the same thing twice, let’s face it girls ( and perhaps some guys) we’ve all suffered from it. For me it started somewhere around the age of fourteen when we started going to the “movies” kuAvondale on the weekend. ( i say “movies” because we never actually watched anything, we spent most of the afternoon walking the entire shopping center just to be “seen”).  It gradually got worse with each year as the social events started increasing. The rugby on the weekend, rugby festivals, St Johns Spring Fair, Borrowdale Village. What you wore was crucial. It wasn’t enough to just be at the event, but you had to look dope to ensure you made it into everyone’s Monday morning weekend story. It was like your street cred.  As a result,  a lot of our time was spent  outfit planning which entailed either begging your mom to buy you something which in my case was pointless because everything i wanted she found to be “not age appropriate” or begging the brother or sister who was overseas to send you something, or banking on your dad’s business trip overseas and hoping he would by chance get you something fashionable. The worst thing that could happen to you was to be seen repeating the same outfit. Look, you could try the whole mix and match thing but it was still just risky.

I absolutely cherish my high school years , but i am also very glad those days are over. I wore this dress two weekends in a row with no shy. With three days to go before Canberra Fashion Festival, i told Emily i needed a head-turner and i needed it fast. Something that would leave a lasting impression as i mingled my way through the VIP lounge. I began to throw thousands of idea’s at her and she simply said “ok, iribho, don’t worry iwewe”. Dont worry?? (ya’ll know I have control issues right, I just couldn’t deal). Emily who you must know by now from Klassic Designs is one of my favourites that will be showing at FreekA . I am always amazed at her impeccable finish and just how humble she remains (i guess that’s why God gave her that gift and not ana Mati ). She is a woman of very few words but her eye for detail and her understanding of a woman’s body speaks a thousand words. I went over to her house the night before leaving for Canberra, the dress fit like a glove and it was so me! All i needed now were my Carrie Bradshaw heels and i was ready for Fash Fest. I didn’t manage to get good pics of the dress in Canberra so i decided to do the unspeakable and wear it again to a bloggers networking event the following weekend. I wont lie, i stood in the mirror for an extra 5 mins considering the consequences but i decided i am a grown woman and if i love this dress I’ll wear the darn thing twice in a row if I want to!!

13 thoughts on “Grown Woman”

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    Trad Tuesdays' on June 18, 2015 Reply

    Fab outfit!

  • 3
    Anonymous on June 9, 2015 Reply

    I absolutely love the dress…and how I miss me some Klassic Designs. Thanks Mati for describing Emily and her designs sooo well…she is an absolute gem.

    • 4
      L'entendre on June 15, 2015 Reply

      Emily is a life saver and so humble as well, she honestly doesn’t realise how talented she is! Thank you for visiting the blog!

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    Assah on June 5, 2015 Reply

    love the shoe !!

    • 6
      L'entendre on June 6, 2015 Reply

      Haha that’s your kind of shoe! Thanks hun!! Xxx

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    Anonymous on June 4, 2015 Reply

    Great to see you in action. The outfit is complete from head to toe. The icing being the clutch. Stunning in its simplicity. Good taste. Enjoy fashion week do not mind the hard work. That is where the pleasure is. So until the next piece. Enjoy. Bapa.

    • 8
      L'entendre on June 6, 2015 Reply

      Thanks BaPa! Who knew you were so in touch with current trends! Amazed at your fashion terminology! I love it! Till next post! 7 days till FreekA!!

  • 9

    Slaying! that dress! those shoes!

    • 10
      L'entendre on June 5, 2015 Reply

      thank you!! and no you wont be able to fit into them!!!

  • 11
    Thamary on June 4, 2015 Reply

    Wow!!!!! That dress. Shamaz you can’t take it off for anyone. Consider yourself blessed that we are not the same size. I still suffer from fear of repetition hence a shortage of photos on social media. I’m inspired to do the same.

    • 12
      L'entendre on June 5, 2015 Reply

      haha , two weeks in a row could be pushing it. but i reckon if its something this beautiful it deserves to be shown off to the world.. a few times!! 🙂

  • 13
    Emily marasiro on June 4, 2015 Reply

    I love love 😘

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