I am that Zim Chick

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I am that Zim chick …

Who went to kingfisher nursery school , the one down the road from Lewisam School, across from the fire station in Greendale. I am that Zim chick who wore those green bubbles with pride, from grade one always a Chisi chick. I am that Zim chick that played all sport till I had to make that crucial decision…I chose Basketball because it was it was cooler and I had to stick with my clique. Yes, I am that Zim chick that had a clique, we rolled deep. Saturday afternoon at Scoop Avondale , Spring Fair, Cotco…not a single outfit repeated ( rigs in rotation). I am that Zim chick who they called a “Mu nose” (wannabe posh accent) , but if you had my grade 3 teacher Mrs Fogarty you would understand why we spoke like that. We were being prepared for today, when they consistently ask me why I speak such good English. I am that Zim chick who was part of the debate team and a member of the Chisipite Toastmasters Society… But I am also STILL that Zim chick that starts most of her sentences with ” Eish” and abuses the world “daije” and “Bra” …I am that Zim chick .

I am also that Zim chick who was expected to cook at home and help with cleaning on the weekend when Mai Royi went on leave. I am that Zim chick who went kumusha with the rents (parents) at least once a month and missed out on THE party of the year. I am that Zim chick who’s Dad used to insist on calling the parents of whoever’s party I wanted to go to. I am that Zim chick who got tired of asking to go out and being told no and decided to let herself out.. Till she bum dialled the landline at 3 a.m. …never again. (Inbox me if you want to know how it went down)!

I am that Zim chick who used to run away from visitors because

      a) I didn’t want to say “Makadini henyu”

b) I could never really remember the difference between Baba’Mukuru and Baba’Munini, or Hanzvadzi and Muningina.

I am that Zim chick who married THAT St Georges guy. The soccer captain, the one who would smile at me during church. The one who paid lobola…The one I cook for… and bring a bowl of water for him to wash his hands… … ok… jokes… but I’m working on the water thing!!!

I am grateful for it all. That I get to call Zimbabwe my home. That I have that heritage and such a strong culture. I wouldn’t change a thing. She is grown but she will always be that Zim chick.

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0 thoughts on “I am that Zim Chick”

  • 1
    Anonymous on August 15, 2015 Reply

    Well written. Please post this where more people can read it. It made smile and reminded me of my past.

    • 2
      L'entendre on August 15, 2015 Reply

      Haha thank you ! Glad it took you down memory lane. Feel free to share it on your facebook account. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  • 3
    Anonymous on August 26, 2014 Reply

    I really love your authenticity Mati. There’s so much genuineness from your writing. The way you link fashion to your personal life will always stay winning. Keep up the good blogging. #bigfan 🙂

    • 4
      lentendre on August 29, 2014 Reply

      Yay!! I’m so glad you appreciate my truth! I am really enjoying writing and expressing my thoughts through my fashion blog. I am so passionate about both. Thank you for the support! Apologies for the late reply , my internet has been very dodgy this week #youmademyday 😊

  • 5
    Anonymous on August 24, 2014 Reply

    I like your style of writing. I see a book unfold. The outfit, the fit and the style rocks!! Keep up the great work. BaPa.

    • 6
      lentendre on August 25, 2014 Reply

      You know what BaPa , I might actually accept that challenge of writing a book . Haha it seems I have a lot to say. Thanks for reading , and encouraging me in this journey! You are cherished.

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