I woke up like this -I just Jogged to the beach -Sporty Beach Chic

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If you’re like me, you’re always thinking twice about going to pool parties or hopping into the Jacuzzi in front of everyone or dreading that walk from your towel to the water when you’re at the beach. It’s that feeling where you’re almost 100% sure that the entire world is staring at your butt cheeks which are barely making it into the swimsuit or bikini, or worse yet, the ripples going through your hip area, or maybe it’s that fear of your lower stomach area hanging out of your bikini bottoms. (you can only suck it in for so long).  Well, fear no more , I may have found a solution. Let me introduce you to the high-waisted bikini bottom. Otherwise known as the “waist controller”. By now you’ know that i love anything high-waisted, and this bikini bottom is a must-have in my eyes. It’s vintage glamour but also very practical for the those of us who want to cover up a bit more but still feel sexy in a two piece. Believe it or not , I actually had to hunt for mine, no Australian retailers were stocking them early last year so i resorted to searching online and found mine at River Island online. Since then I’ve seen many , but for good prices and a range of colours i recommend Asos. Get yours booboo!

As you know I’ve been exploring the world of make-up, so to ramp up my beach look, i implored the expertise of my good friend Tanaka. Tanaka is a self-taught, sassy, up and coming make-up artist, she also recently started her own make-up artistry business known as “Tanaka Alexandra”. I explained to Tanaka that I wanted that natural girl next door look. Otherwise known as that “I woke up like this” look. She knew exactly what i was talking about and recommended that we use Mac Face And Body,  a water based foundation that leaves your skin with that natural glow but still evens out your skin texture. She used a subtle eye-shadow and like Patience she insisted on investing on a good primer (Try Smashbox Photo Ready Primer). In fact her words were” If you have a good primer it doesn’t matter how cheap your eye shadow is,  it will still look boss” ( you know I live for those kinda statements). She also insisted on using an edible lip exfoliater  before applying your lippy. Her explanation… “As an artist , you need to make sure your canvas is dope, if your lips are dope, the lipstick will look dope”… aight then!

Now as much as i love a cute bikini, I don’t leave the house without an even cute-er cover-up, but honestly speaking my budget doesn’t allow me to buy a bikini and a cover-up , so I always try to use something that I already have that can easily translate into a cover-up, like this jersey knit top. I always buy a few sizes bigger when buying jersey tops , that way you can wear it a few different ways. This time I dropped the shoulder , added a pair of Nike trainers , and all of a sudden you have that “I woke up like this” and then “I just jogged to the beach” kinda Sporty Beach Chic look.

6 thoughts on “I woke up like this -I just Jogged to the beach -Sporty Beach Chic”

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    Anonymous on March 5, 2015 Reply

    Hi. Great to see you back in stride😀. You are straight off the catwalk. Your expression enhanced by the make-up is captivating. Should we now be waiting for a movie? Enjoy summer. Bapa.

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    Miss Belle on March 5, 2015 Reply

    You are amazing boo!!

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      L'entendre on March 5, 2015 Reply

      Ummmm YOU are amazing !! Thanks babe! 😘

  • 4
    Miss Belle on March 5, 2015 Reply

    You amazing boo!!

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    Ovonni on March 5, 2015 Reply

    You are so gorgeous!

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