Light – Work

20. March 2016 Style 7
Light – Work

I haven’t been ignoring you, I promise. Lets just say I’ve had to re-jig my priorities a little to keep my head above water. You see I started a new job a about three weeks ago which is really good, especially for our saving goals this year (because we spent so much money last year we’ve decided to try out this thing they call ‘saving’ ) . It’s not because my parents gave us a massive lecture on “why are are you living life like there is no tomorrow” (they do that by the way, they’re the meddling in your business type). We simply just woke up and realised we’re going to be married FIVE YEARS this year and it’s probably time to start acting like grown-ups. So Ms Mati decided to get herself a new job. A busy job…kinda in events, which is good, given I clearly have a certain love affair with events (FreekÀ), so i’m not complaining..but it’s like a famous rapper that I can’t really remember the name of at the present moment once said “More Money More Problems” . I wouldn’t go as far as saying more “problems” but I now essentially have 3 full time jobs. Event co-ordinator, Online Boutique Owner and ofcourse, Wife.

I have to say its been a struggle adjusting to this change in pace but i’m getting there. I used to roll my eyes at people who would whip out their calendar to check what dates they’re available for a catch up… now I AM THAT person. I need the structure to feel productive as well as more importantly to feel in control ( no judging we all have our issues). I recently read a blog post by Tamira Jarrel on planning your day by writing lists and grouping them into different areas. I’ve started doing this as well and it’s really changed my life, here’s a small snapshot of what my lists look like. ( in no particular order) 


  • Go to Coles and buy the following groceries. {insert grocery list}
  • Skype Mom and Dad
  • Laundry (an entire bedroom full of un-ironed laundry, pretty sure a 2 year old kid could drown in it
  • Pay bills
  • Date Night


  • Call Emily and beg her to make you something fab for the Governors Reception to Launch VMFF
  • Do some buying for Lentendreonline 
  • Meet up with the boys for First FreekÁ meeting
  • Pack orders to post tomorrow
  • RSVP for VAMFF Bloggers Brunch (networking is crucial for everything, it’s hard putting yourself out there but just GO!)
  • Product Shoot with Tapi
  • Blog post


  • Work Work Work Work Work…

Amongst all that we managed to take a few pics of what I wore to the VAMFF bloggers brunch. My latest craze and still trending in my wardrobe is the Pallazo Pant. I paired it with a Lentendre knit crop and The Oversize Midi Trench ( only 1 left of these by the way), my gold Mules from and Tanaka my make-up fairy is back, so my face got some good loving. Thanks for listening to my little vent!

7 thoughts on “Light – Work”

  • 1
    tanaka800 on June 20, 2016 Reply

    Absolutely love your style. I’ve been looking forward to seeing more of your posts.x
    Tanaka x

  • 2
    Bapa on March 27, 2016 Reply

    Hi there. Now that Lent is over I am back in stride again. Great seeing you spot on when it comes to fashion. The longs (old school term), matching shoes and stylish top are excellently matched.The hair style fits is the icing on the cake. Well done. The prose are great and saving is an important buzz word coupled with an asset (with returns) e.g. The business, is the right direction to take. A good Marriage is priceless and is the backbone to the above. Cannot wait for the next piece. Happy Easter. Bapa.

    • 3
      lentendre on April 5, 2016 Reply

      Glad to hear from you Bapa! Happy Easter to you too!!

  • 4
    lentendre on March 23, 2016 Reply

    I know me too! I used to list everything on my phone in one big list, now I put little headings and short lists under each heading, which makes it more achievable for me! Thanks for dropping in Gamu!! xx

  • 5
    L'entendre on March 22, 2016 Reply

    *by 🙂

  • 6
    L'entendre on March 22, 2016 Reply

    I know!! I used to just write down everything and get super overwhelmed, so when i saw this i was like OMG, even helps to organise my mind as well.! Thanks for dropping Buy Gamu! xxx

  • 7
    Gamu on March 21, 2016 Reply

    Thank you for the list idea, I usually just list it all together and makes me feel overwhelmed.

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