Seal The Deal

28. February 2016 Style 2
Seal The Deal

February comes around and we all realise it’s time to lift our game, well I’ll speak for myself here. After months of wearing pretty much “oversize” everything I decided it was time to lift my game and pull out one of my ‘get me bodied‘ dresses to date night. I suppose I should explain what I call a ‘get me bodied’ dress. This dress can be described as body hugging, form-fitting and very sexy dress, essentially you’re fully covered but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. I used to have so many of these dresses, way back when I didn’t have a single cellulite cell and my tummy was super flat in its natural state. These days sucking my tummy in is too much effort so I opt for what I call “effortless chic”, but once in a while you gotta pull up on a nigga to keep that fire burning, nah mean! So in the spirit of “Va-le” (short for Valentine’s Day, but pronounced vha lè…nevamind it’s a Zim thing), I put on one of my favourite get me bodied dresses and well… lets just say the fire is still burning STRONG.

This dress will bring on your alter ego, the fearless sexy and confident version of you. It’s for any shape and size and you can definitely wear some good shape wear for better definition on your curves. This dress will remind him exactly why he fell in love with all of your woman-ness, it will remind him that each cent that he paid towards Lobola was absolutely worth it! For the girls who have had their eye on a certain guy for a while and he’s been giving you mixed messages. I guarantee you, this dress will seal the deal. Get yours here hunaai!!


2 thoughts on “Seal The Deal”

  • 1
    L'entendre on February 29, 2016 Reply

    haha muudze Tapiwa kuti awedzere shuwa! thanks Mate! lol hanzi ‘waiziva’

  • 2
    Munashe on February 28, 2016 Reply

    Ha mapfeka idzi lobola yacho inogona kuwedzerwa zvembasera waiziva lol

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