The Black In Me

I have to say. ..I love wearing black , I don’t understand any woman who doesn’t!! It’s just sexy.. I naturally gravitate to black when I’m shopping , Tapi always has to remind me to try some colour , (yes we shop together and we enjoy it!). I just think it looks great on any woman or man… of any skin colour. Those black jeans I’m wearing are actually from Jay Jays, I think maybe second year uni. They still fit like a glove and I’ve modified them soo many times, most recently, I shredded them with a razor hoping it would work out and I’m very pleased with the result. I encourage everyone to cut their jeans and see what you get , trust me you won’t regret it!  The jumper I borrowed from Tapi’s cupboard (i think it’s officially mine now babe)… I’m just so obsessed with the ” I just rolled out of bed and just threw something on” look it gives off.  The cut out boots are from Sportsgirl, ok… they’re “typical Aussi girl” i know, and i actually haven’t seen any african girls rocking them, pretty sure my friends roll their eyes at me behind my back when i wear them… but hey,  they make me feel like I’m some kinda black Lara Croft when i wear them… and I quite like that feeling.

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    Mimi on July 16, 2014 Reply

    You’re right about the boots. Naturally I wouldn’t gravitate toward them, but because of how YoU ve rocked ’em, I am actuAlly fascinated by them. They spell out “edgy”, “personality “, “stamina” and “confidence” in BLaCK and white for me!

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    Thamy on July 16, 2014 Reply

    Took me long enough to jump into this. Wow I’m so proud of you. Loving the tips. I’m so grabbing a razor and shredding them denims.

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      lentendre on July 16, 2014 Reply

      Finally!! Didn’t want to direct you or tell you. Just wanted you to read without any background. Thank you love! Your words mean so much to me. 😊

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