The Fourth Quarter

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The Fourth Quarter


Aaaand the award for “worst blogger of the last quarter of the year” goes tooo???

Haha! I will gladly accept that award. I literally faded in the last quarter, but for very good reasons. LIFE. But, alas I have returned, refreshed and ready for a new year! I won’t start on my New Year resolutions and goals just yet, I thought I’d start by giving you an update on whats news in my world. 

So, as you know Mama Chinyanda flew in. Her first trip down under and also a bit of a special one to see her son graduate in his MBA, so it meant a lot to us. It was a bit of a crazy time though. As you know,  I had just come back from being Solo in South Korea so I was tired but also still stuck in my own world of all things fashion and day dreaming about Seoul fashion week. I also came back feeling invigorated and extremely excited to launch Lentendreonline, something that had been on my heart for a long time. So there I was, quite keen to juggle three roles I take very seriously, Muroora, Fashionista (blogging, styling and photography  well as launching the clothing boutique) and Tour guide. Fast forward about 3 days. I crashed and burned. (ahaa moment). I decided to put L’entendre aside and focus on family. Best decision ever.  As soon as I let go of everything, I felt the pressure lift off and I thoroughly enjoyed having Mama around. By the time she left, Tapi and I felt such a strong spiritual renewing. Yes, we explored Melbourne, we hung out with friends, awesome road trips but what resonated with us the most is how she made sure we set aside a full hour each night dedicated to reading the word and praying. It’s true what they say about ana Mama. It’s not luck that gets us through each day in the Diaspora, it’s our mother’s daily prayers for us.  

Tapi’s 30th Birthday. Have you ever kept a massive secret from the person you share everything with (including bank accounts)? It’s painful, and you start to feel like a thief in the night as well. Anyway, the day finally came. I left the itinerary for our surprise getaway under his pillow, he woke up, was utterly confused, didn’t believe me, thought it was all a bit of a“hoax” (his word not mine, who still uses the word “hoax” anyway) that was until we were literally minutes away from the airport and it actually dawned on him that we were actually going to Singapore! I think it’s fair to say that nothing beats that warm fuzziness you feel inside when you give and see the joy it brings to the receiver’s eyes. It makes all the stress worth it. A few words to describe our little vacay…it was a perfect paradise.   

Two weeks later my brother and his wife arrived. Now let me explain. As the only girl and the youngest of four I was never really old enough to hang with my brothers. It’s taken a long time for me to actually be able to hang with my brother. So let’s just say I was very excited, and I was also on a mission to get both him and his wife to move to Melbourne. I left no stone unturned. After my daily itineraries which were jam-packed with entertainment and activities, they both left depressed about the prospect about going back to their beloved Jo’burg…mission accomplished!

So that’s it in a nutshell. In between all the above we managed to steal a few hours here and there to work on Lentendreonline and also managed to drop in to show you a sneak peak! Thank you to so many of you who have already been shopping in our boutique through social media and word of mouth, I’m overwhelmed by the support. So with no further ado.








I hope you like my first pick. This week, wearing one of my favs, the Pinafore dress, knit crop and the oversize denim jacket for him and her. Let me know what you think! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Fourth Quarter”

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    Vimbai on January 12, 2016 Reply

    *ululates* Congratulations on the launch of L’Entendre Online! Real G’s move in silence and now we know you were plotting world domination we can forgive you for being so quiet.

    PS So that pinafore dress & Rose tulle skirt ka…sheer perfection! Do you ship to Zim #AskingForAFriend ☺

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      L'entendre on January 12, 2016 Reply

      Hehe I’m honered to be a real G! #goals. I absolutely can ship to Zim however I’m not upto date in terms of the postal service. Someone told me it seems to be working . Happy to send if you’re confidant. However we can do an SA and then it’s closer and will def find its way to your friend.

      Thanks for the encouragement. Was wondering if there is anyone left in the bloggersphere besides .. Well the bloggers themselves. Think everyone is stuck on the “the gram”

      Just so you know . Your posts really make me laugh!

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