The Friend Zone

20. September 2014 Style 0

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She is my first real memory of a real friend. She noticed me…she liked me , just as I was…with my month old braided hair, un- moisturised limbs and oversized uniform…She didn’t mind the fact that my nose made up 85% of my face…it was simple. We laughed till we cried, then our tummies would hurt , then she would pee herself. She was the boss. I was second in charge. She taught me not to be afraid of them. To have confidence in me and how to command respect. She had dark brown barbie dolls in her room. She showed me that black was beautiful.

These two made high school an adventure. The mission, to boot (refer to my glossary here). To look fab. To have fun. At any cost. Just be there! Being caught once, meant next time, do better! They taught me to be resilient. They made me fall in love with fashion. She would turn skirts into dresses and dresses into tops, I watched in awe as buttons became necklaces and jeans became denim shorts. Fashion miracles.

Uni would’ve been as bland as two weetbix without her. The one I introduced to mini skirts and hoop earrings. Her life would never be the same again. Our fights consisted of me rolling my eyes and her sighing and saying “bugging”. It was simple. ‘What are we wearing tonight’? Who was supplying the Maltesers to get us through the lecture and of course afternoons spent being the fashion police on Res … She asked one thing of me…No spewing (she has a serious Phobia).

Speaking of Uni I dug up those gladiator heels from my archives today after 4 years (told you it comes back). These are Zoe Wittner. I’ve got a love hate relationship with them. It’s either you love them or you hate them. I’m actually curious to know how ya’ll feel about them. Today they’ve helped turn this T-shirt dress into safari glam. The T- shirt dress is from I’m not a brand kinda girl, but of late I’ve realised that it’s ok to spoil myself with an investment piece once in a while. That day it was Marc Jacobs. (After two hours of deliberating…I like to count my coins not spend them) Ok, so I’ve gone a little heavy-handed on the accessories, but gold and that olive-green are a match made in heaven. It’s giving me luxe and sometimes you just want to feel expensive even it’s good old 70% off Lovisa!

I’m learning that real friendship shouldn’t be hard, or complicated. That it’s ok to let go of each other and find each other again. That it doesn’t have to make sense all the time, that we may hurt each other,  but we learn to forgive, that there are seasons that bring us closer or push us further apart, but the love  we have for each other still remains.

Melbourne blogger-melbourne African blogger- melbourne stylist- zim stylist- zimbabwe stylist-Lentendre   


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    Anonymous on September 22, 2014 Reply

    Inspirational! You have grown into this blog. Just when I felt you had reached your pick you bring out more. Love everything about the blog. Brings out the friend in all of us. Well written and the Style as always, immaculate! Cannot wait for next Monday. Bapa.

    • 2
      L'entendre on September 23, 2014 Reply

      Hahah no pressure for Mondays!!no , I appreciate that you actually look forward to reading my blog, I look forward to writing! Thanks BaPa!

  • 3
    ginah on September 22, 2014 Reply

    Mmmmm u go GIRL,u really inspire me wow my heart beats when see ur work and achievements it gives me power and push 2 kip going till I achieve my dreams

    • 4
      L'entendre on September 23, 2014 Reply

      Wow! That’s a massive compliment , I appreciate the time you take to read the posts! Comments like these encourage me to keep going! I am glad I also encourage you to follow your dreams in some kind of way! Hope you are having an awesome week! X

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    Thelma on September 22, 2014 Reply

    Stunning as always! Stunning is your default Mati! It’s now just standard for you hun and I love it! Your pieces inspire me, and with this look, the gladiators (giving me life!), the hat (can you actually ship me that hat because I am so into them this season :)), the sunglasses, the pink lip…everything is bringing this safari look together. If I was on your end of the world, I definitely would love a collab photoshoot with you. I look forward to Monday mornings just to see what you have posted 🙂

    • 6
      L'entendre on September 23, 2014 Reply

      Errrrm! Compliment like that coming from you just blows me away! I’m glad ur still finding time to visit lentendre in this “busy” diaspora life of ours! Means the world to me! Thank you for paying attention to the detail. I’m still working on the make up side of things , never been a make up kinda girl, is pretty much just lipstick lol! Callab would be awesome with that killer smile of yours! ❤️

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