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02. September 2015 Style 6

Spring is upon us. Apparently…Although I find myself sitting here in my navy Kmart trackies,  grey uni sweater, thick fluffy socks and the heater turnt all the way up with a cup of herbal, so lets just pretend it’s spring again. A new season means new clothes, new events and new friends. Speaking of new friends, I was introduced to Phoebe a couple of months ago just as she was planning to move to Melbourne from Canberra. At the time I didn’t realise we shared similar stories in that a year ago Phoebe (also a Zim daije) decided to take a break from her high-flying career as a human rights lawyer in Canberra to fulfill her other calling in life as a designer for her label ‘The Prodigal daughter’. It wasn’t long after she’d touched down that we found ourselves sitting in a parking lot speaking candidly about chasing THE DREAM and the grind that comes with it. Phoebe is from Bulawayo (skies) which basically explains the crazy in her. She reminds me of my childhood friend Buhla. Buhla’s lack of filter, ‘big mouth on a small person’ and ‘I’m a boss, so bow down’, attitude seemed to always result in us being chased the by older crews in the hood or the neighborhood dogs. They’re a different breed those skies chicks. Feisty and fearless. Those kinda girls you don’t want to get into a fight with because they actually don’t care what they look like, they really just want to beat you up. Meanwhile us H town girls, we’d just be threatening to beat each other up to no avail, too concerned about being scratched on the face.

Phoebe’s brand ‘The Prodigal Daughter’ was part of the emerging designer hub at this year’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week so it was only fitting that I wore something from her ‘Meraki 15’ collection. You know I love a cape and you know I love print! I paired this cape crop with a long tulle ballet skirt and my zebra print heels. Unexpected and probably overboard with the print, but as Phoebe says ‘ The Prodigal Daughter is for the bold, the independent, the rebel, the adventurer, the non-conformist, the square pegs in the round holes and those that do not fit into boxes’.

Tapi managed to capture our afternoon at the designer hub and the lead up to the RMIT Emerging Designer Runway show. Click on the video to see some of the highlights of the day.

[wpvideo PyrYRCTW]

6 thoughts on “The Prodigal Daughter”

  • 1
    Natasha on September 3, 2015 Reply

    A red carpet look right here. Loving it, compliments to your husband for capturing such great shots he really is super talented. I agree with tkmud1 more of the designs please 🙂

    • 2
      L'entendre on September 3, 2015 Reply

      Hubby is awesome isn’t he? I am certainly blessed to be with such a creative genius! I will upload more of the designs for sure! Thanks for visiting the blog!

  • 3
    tkmud1 on September 2, 2015 Reply

    I love the print, very bold and it works. I’m inspired to mix it all up. L’entendre you worked that room like a boss. Can we see more of the designs?

    • 4
      L'entendre on September 3, 2015 Reply

      haha I will upload more pics of the designs! Yes! Mati 5 years ago would’ve told you NO to mixing prints, but Mati today lives for mixing prints, i love the element of surprise.

  • 5
    Anonymous on September 2, 2015 Reply

    The setting of your photo shoot is intriguing. Your style understandingly blends in with the Phoebe’s fashion show. Beautiful outfit with matching heels. Love Tapis look. Bapa.

    • 6
      L'entendre on September 3, 2015 Reply

      Thank you Bapa! I will pass on the msg to Tapi! We took the pics in a Melbourne city alleyway, there are a lot of cool spots like this in the city.

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