Your Crown

09. February 2016 Style 2
Your Crown


When Ms Mati starts using Shea Butter and Almond Oil Shampoo as well as a leave in conditioner and invests in her first TGIN Honey Mask Deep Conditioner, you know something is definitely up! I think it’s fair to say we’ve come a long way as black women when it comes to our hair care, although we still have a way to go. I realised I needed to do more for my hair when I attended my very first Hair Party last weekend hosted by Rumbie Mutsiwa from Rumbie & Co. Rumbie is a Sydney based qualified hair stylist whose aim is to spread the good news about simple but good hair care especially for African women throughout Australia.

Rumbie and I met somewhere in the social media–sphere and before long we were on the phone chatting about her upcoming Hair Party and how she wanted me to be her hair model for the day. I feared for where this conversation was heading and I knew it was just a matter of time before she asked me what my ‘hair regime’ was and I would have to bow my head in shame and tell her my regime consisted of whatever shampoo and conditioner happened to be on sale whilst doing my chemist warehouse run mixed with a random spray that I would’ve picked up in Zim like years ago. At that point she would probably realise I’m not worthy of her time and keep it pushing…Well, when Rumbie and I finally met, I tried my absolute best to talk about everything under the sun besides ‘hair’ until I couldn’t avoid it anymore and she finally asked what products I used in my hair and asked to touch my hair…cringe. The good thing is that she didn’t look down on my poor regime or my malnourished, unmoisturized Twa (Teeny Weeny Afro), she simply introduced me to some great hair products and a weekly treatment which would take about 30 mins a week…my kind of regime. We also spoke about colouring my hair, something I was quite nervous about given I have never actually coloured my hair before (it seems people find that hard to believe.. just because I shave it, doesn’t mean I’m gutsy enough to colour it) . I decided to face my fear and try it.

We may not notice it but we tend to speak negatively toward our hair as black women. It’s a generational thing, mothers telling their children ‘it’s too hard to manage’ or hairdressers telling us to straighten our hair or the media implying that weaves and extensions make us prettier. As Rumbie says “Don’t get me wrong, I love a weave but we need to start celebrating our hair (straightened or curly), it’s versatility it’s grandeur and its unique texture makes it so beautiful and a dream to work with as a hairdresser”. She encouraged the girls to take the time to get to know their hair, find a good qualified hairdresser that understands your hair and find the right products that work for you…after all, it is your Crown.

Enjoying my new burnt orange crown which Rumbie achieved using Labiosthetique colour range and wearing the Classic White Shirt from Lentendreonline, visit our store and see what other classics we’ve got!


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    L'entendre on February 15, 2016 Reply

    So I didn’t actually put in the blog post because this is a general/basic routine for natural textured hair. I’m using Kurly belle shampoo and leave in once a week and Tgin honey mask deep condition for once a week treatment, you can leave it in after your shampoo once a week foor anything from 30 mins to 8 hours and then wash it out and use leave in conditioner 😊 hope that makes sense

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    Doreen on February 12, 2016 Reply

    Hey I’m curious to hear about this 30minute regimen. Do share. All the naturalista bloggers regimens are way take all damn day and all the products have to be ordered from the states, who has that time? It just seems hyped up and unnecessary, I remember when we were kids we had long thick hair without an effort.

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